Our targets

Which are our goals ?

To promote Friendship, Esteem and Tolerance.
To organize meetings to nurture and develop understanding.
To serve the Community.
We meet once or twice a month to organize conferences or actions for the community.
The conferences deal with any possible subject with an aim of developing the direction of the listening of each one, comprehension and tolerance.  Working meetings help to organize our actions in the community, especially for the youth, childhood, disadvantaged backgrounds.

We act together, where we could not act individually.

At our meetings, we promote the Friendship, the Esteem and the Tolerance, by the compliance with simple rules of courtesy, which we call “Protocol”.
These rules make that each member who expresses himself is not stopped (it is the Esteem, the respect of the other), he is listened (it is the Tolerance from the sometimes different point of view), it abstains from any debate of a political or religious nature.
One or more times a year, activities are organized in order to collect funds which are used to finance our actions in favor of the service to the community.
Thus the Friendship is cultivated, which is cement of the large family of Fifty-One International.