Most questions have already been asked​​. You can find the answer to the "most frequently asked questions' here. 
If you still have other questions, please contact us via info@fifty-one-international.org 
1) What is a Fifty-One club ?
The Fifty-One club is an independent service club promoting friendship, esteem and tolerance.
2) What is Fifty-One International ?
The Fifty-One International is the association gathering the Fifty-One clubs.

3) What are the goals ofFifty-One International ?
- To promote friendship, respect and tolerance
- To organize meetings to nurture and develop understanding
- To foster and guide the leisure activities of the young and vulnerable
-  To tie contacts and to maintain the international relations
4) What is the meaning of 51 in het logo?
- To keep the average age of the members under 51
- To limit the number of members in each club to 51
5) How can I become a member of Fifty-One ?
As is common practice, a candidate is invited to meet the Fifty-One on the initiative of a Fifty-One member.  We expect from the candidate that he contributes to the general objectives and that he implies in the Service at the Community.

6) How much is the yearly membership fee for a Fifty-One member?
Please contact the Secretariat General, details on the website under FOI / Contactor via the coordinates of districts/clubs under the tab District/Club.
7) Do I have to pay a one-shot fee when joining Fifty-One ?
There is no one-shot fee for the moment.
8) How many times a month does a Fifty-One club meet ?
Two meetings are planned per month.

9) What kind of social projects does Fifty-One sponsor ?
- Moral and practical support to the least valid and the underprivileged people as well on the local scale as regional, national or international.
- Support to the socially underprivileged people in our society
- Contribution to the cultural education of the young people

Since 2016, associated with Children's rights, we strive to provide specific support to fragile and vulnerable group